Brand identity for social inclusion charity

School of Hard Knocks are a relatively young social inclusion charity running courses that use sport to tackle the issues surrounding unemployment, antisocial behaviour, crime and health. Their work has been documented five times by Sky Sports since 2007 and has grown into one of the most effective and high profile courses in the UK, working with some of the most hard to reach individuals in our society.

After a workshop with Ken Cowen and Jack Lewers of SOHK to help them discover and overcome their main challenges, we decided to look into the benefits that a rebrand might have. We conducted some market research and it was evident that their current identity didn't reflect all the fantastic work that they do and felt too negative. It was also clear that their current website wasn't working hard enough for them as they weren't hitting their online donation targets. So we agreed to rebrand. We redesigned their current website and provided them with set of brand assets and guidelines as a framework to help SOHK build and grow in a positive way and contribute to greater success in the future.

SOHK guidelines

We devised a strategy to grow awareness of the charity around the acronym 'SOHK'. With the School of Hard Knocks name well established and best known for being a popular tv programme on Sky Sports it wasn't common knowledge that they operate as a charity in need of sponsorship and funding.

To tackle this issue (excuse the pun) the acronym SOHK would be used for their identity and '#SOHK' would be at the forefront of their online communications.

SOHK website
Rugby ball branding SOHK stationery
SOHK apparel